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Our Services


The main services we provide to our customers include the followings:

Set up Business Secretarial Service Provision of Registered Office
Taxation Service Statutory Audit Special Audit & Report
Bookkeeping & Accountancy Litigation Support Dissolution & Insolvency

Set up Business
  • Setting up companies in Hong Kong
  • Setting up sole proprietorship in Hong Kong
  • Setting up partnership business in Hong Kong
  • Setting up Hong Kong branch of an oversea company
  • Formation of oversea companies in British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Cayman Islands etc.

Secretarial Service after Establishment of Business
  • Applying Business Registration Certificate
  • Assisting in opening bank accounts
  • Providing Company Secretary
  • Assisting in the preparation of statutory documents e.g. Annual Returns
  • Maintenance of statutory records e.g. updating and maintaining register of members and directors
  • Arranging meetings of directors and shareholders and preparing minutes
  • Preparing document for issue and allotment of shares
  • Preparing changes of company name
  • Preparing document for changes of directors and shareholders
  • Preparing document for reporting any subsequent change of registered information for branch of oversea company
Provision of Hong Kong Registered Office
  • Provision of registered address which can be printed on our customer's name card, letterhead and leaflet
  • Provision of registered office for receipt of letter and correspondence
  • Provision of mail re-directing service
Taxation Services: Corporate and Personal
  • Acting as clients’ tax representative
  • Assisting the completion of tax returns such as Profits Tax Return, Tax Return for individuals, Property Tax Return and Employer’s Return of remuneration etc
  • Assisting the handling of enquiries from the Inland Revenue Department, field audits by the Inland Revenue Department, tax investigations and tax appeals
  • Providing advice to clients of their statutory tax responsibility and obligation
  • Stamp Duty planning
  • Tax planning and tax advice so as to minimize the tax liabilities of companies and individuals legally
Statutory Audits
  • Audits of annual accounts of companies so as to comply with the requirements of the Companies Ordinance
  • Audits of annual accounts of incorporated owner so as to comply with the requirements of the Building Management Ordinance
  • Provision of advisory service to clients on accounting and auditing matters
  • Provision of advisory service to company directors on their statutory obligations
Special Audits and Reports
  • Audit on sole proprietorship
  • Audit on partnership
  • Investigations into irregularities and making recommendations accordingly
  • Special report such as company background search report
  • System review and making recommendation on internal control weakness

Book-keeping and Accountancy Services
  • Preparation of monthly and annual accounts
  • Maintenance of books and records
  • Installation of computerized accounting system
  • Handling payroll, Mandatory Provident Fund Contribution and other related administrative matters
Litigation Support
  • Gathering and analysis of financial information for litigation purposes
  • Provision of expert witnesses
Dissolution and Insolvency Services
  • Advice on debt recovery
  • Advice on individual bankruptcy matters
  • Advice on winding up and insolvency matters
  • Company’s voluntary winding up
  • Deregistration of private company
  • Preparation of statement of affairs
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